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The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) A Levels qualification remains one of the most established and widely-accepted methods of progression from secondary education to universities all over the world. Students can use their CAIE A Levels qualifications when targeting the world’s best universities, such as those in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Singapore and Germany.

At Cempaka International School, we offer 18 months to 22 months A Levels programme. Students normally take 4 subjects in the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level and continue with 3 or 4 subjects in the Advanced Levels (A2) level. Students targeting highly-competitive universities such as Oxford or Cambridge are advised to take 4 subjects in their A2 level.

For each subject we generally timetable 5 to 6 hours of classroom contact per week, including laboratory practical work for science subjects. Students will take the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level examination and Advanced Level (A2) examination. Our A Levels academic programme is scheduled around the annual CAIE examinations in May/June or October/November each year.

At Cempaka, we provide support and advice for university applications. We engage an independent professional agency to assist students with their applications to British universities, and our in-school advisors can provide support for applications to universities in other countries.

We are proud of our excellent A Levels examination results, small class sizes of less than 15 students per class, and personal attention to students’ needs. Students studying A Levels with us not only acquire academic ability, but are assisted in their development of study techniques and skills. They are encouraged to develop balance in their education, particularly developing their abilities in extra-curricular activities.


Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

Advanced Levels (A2)

Commencement of Terms

July 2022
(18 Months Programme)

4 July 2022
31 December 2023

July 2022
(24 Months Programme)

4 July 2022
30 june 2024

September 2022
(22 Months Programme)

5 September 2022
30 June 2024

School Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30am to 4:00pm

Admission Requirement

5 credits in SPM, IGCSE, O Levels, or the equivalent. 

Students who do not meet the academic requirement for entry may be accepted conditionally. These conditions will be determined by the Cempaka Board of Examination.

Main Subjects Offered


Futher Mathematics


Art and Design
English Literature
*Subjects only offer in September intake



*Subjects only offer in September intake


International Project Qualification
International English Language Testing System